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  Warning against AutoCAD Viruses around the world!
It is high time to make a check for AutoCAD Viruses - for FREE!
Your PC might be an unintentional contributor spreading
viruses to countless PC users.
Currently, our program can diagnose and cure 60 kinds of AutoCAD viruses.

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December 13, 2010
¡ß CADVirusCure 2010.12.13 Engine Update Infomati..

¨ç The New or mutant ¡°cad viruses¡± diagnosis/treatment engine has been updated. * 36 ¡°cad viruses¡± were found and they have been diagnosed and treated like below..
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Q: How to ask for check and report ..
A: 1. You can compress LSP-related files created per DWG folder..
Q: How can I check if the real-time..
A: When you execute CAD, the last prompt will display the follo..
Q: Reacting to the error for deleti..
A: It is found that actual rebooting process varies depending o..
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