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Product Information
CadVirusCure ¢â
Warning against AutoCAD Viruses around the world! It is high time to make a check for AutoCAD Viruses - for FREE!
Your PC might be an unintentional contributor spreading viruses to countless PC users.
Currently, our program can diagnose and cure 60 kinds of AutoCAD viruses.

Targeting AutoCAD Viruses, CadVirusCure has dealt only with and reacted to AutoCAD Viruses for three years.

Wait! Do you happen to feel bothered in using CAD with the following symptoms in your PC?
Line, Explode, Burst, Xbind, Xref and attedit commands are not executed at all!
The screen stops for around 5~30 minutes when you execute CAD and open a drawing!
The screen displays such messages as error : LOAD Failed : "acaddoc," "acadapp," etc!
Every drawing folder, with no exception, creates such files as acad.lsp, acaddoc.lsp and acad.vlx!
Use CadVirusCure now to work out all the problems. It is the vaccine program only for AutoCAD viruses!
If you face one of the following cases in activating AutoCAD, it is likely that the program is infected with "AutoCAD Virus."
Major symptoms of AutoCAD viruses

1. The screen does not work for around 5~30 minutes before it is activated when you initially execute CAD and open a drawing.

2. When you set the SDI system variable as 0, it will be back to be 1, which causes the CAD program to be multiply executed in opening a drawing.

3. The CAD command window shows you the following error prompt (In the English version)
     * AutoCAD menu utilities loaded.; error: malformed list on input
     * AutoCAD menu utilities loaded.; error: bad argument type: stringp nil
     * AutoCAD menu utilities loaded.; error: bad character read (octal): 35
     * ;error : LOAD Failed : "acad"
     * ;error : LOAD Failed : "acaddoc"
     * ;error : LOAD Failed : "acadapq"
     * ;error : LOAD Failed : "acadapp"
     * ;error : Macro not found.
     * ;error: Function cancelled.

4. The LSP command you made does not work properly (acad.lsp acaddoc.lsp, etc.).

5. When you execute such commands as Line, Explode, Burst, Xbind, Xref and attedit, the screen reacts with the "Unknown command" message or asks you for inconsistent inputs.

6. Every folder whose drawing is open newly has the following files:

7. As seen below, a message window written in Chinese appears at a certain time and the ¡®Move¡¯ command starts working as ¡®Copy.¡¯

Main functions of CadVirusCure¢â
* This program is the world's first "AutoCAD Virus-only vaccine."
* Including old version, around 40,000 copies are in use in South Korea.
Real-time check and treatment of AutoCAD Viruses
1. Once a CAD system file is infected with a virus that can be diagnosed, it will be immediately cured.
2. If a virus is seen as a new type or a mutant, it will be automatically given to the quarantine site to be updated within a few days so that you can react to the new or mutant virus.
3. This program can diagnose and cure 95%~100% of AutoCAD Viruses, making remarkable performance.

Live engine update
1. As this program automatically updates the latest version of engines against a new type or a mutant virus, it can keep the newest version all the time.

Powerful diagnosis and treatment of AutoCAD Viruses
1. If an infected content is the same as a virus with the number of blanks and/or line break different from the virus, this program can catch the virus.
2. As this program focuses on CAD-related viruses, it can diagnose and cure a new or a mutant type of an LSP virus, which may not be identified by general Window-based virus vaccine programs.
3. Unlike existing vaccine programs that unconditionally delete host files, our program adopts a token check method to separate LSP files that have been used from viruses to properly diagnose and cure the viruses.
4. In addition to simply looking for host files to clear them away, our program cures and restores virus codes, with no exception, such as acad.mnl, aceauto.lsp and ai_util.lsp when they are deformed due to viruses.
Only for search and treatment, this interface is created in a simple and clarified way.

During a check, you can see the risk and location of infected viruses.

If DWG of network folders with a CAD virus in them gets open, the real-time monitoring function will immediately detect and cure the virus.

System Requirements
AutoCAD: AutoCAD 2000 or higher version
¡Ø Note: In LT version where an AutoCAD application is not available,
you cannot use the real-time monitoring function.
It is still available to check and cure viruses through the main program.
Intel Pentium 4 2 GHz or higher or DualCore processor 1.6 GHz or higher
512 MB
Hard Disk
1024¡¿768 16bit or higher
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 or higher
Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or higher
Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 or higher
(Only 32-bit programs are supported.)
For AutoCAD 2010 or a higher version, VBA Enabler should be installed.
If your PC does not have the program
please go to AutoCAD Services & Support to download and install the VBA Enabler program.
Usage rules
* This software is a shareware enabling only virus check. To cure viruses, you need to obtain the license.
* For CadVirusCure, you need one license for each PC.
* It may be inevitable to change the main body and/or hardware of your PC. This may, however, cause authentication failure.
This program only allows transferring of the license through the "Register license transferring" function in the program itself (Only while the Internet is activated).
To prevent misuse, the program allows only one trial of license transferring per six months.
You cannot use the same PC authorized before to transfer the license to the PC even after the six-month period.
* To distribute the program on Web, the source should be given as follows:
<Source: cadvirus website http://www.cadvirus.com>
Purchase and Settlement
* For CadVirusCure, you need one license for each PC.
* Please note that an authenticated license cannot be infinitely shared with other PCs.

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